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Learn More About the Pieces You Invest In - Gem

Learn More About the Pieces You Invest In

The start of the New Year invokes a bit of reflection in all of us. We look at the year behind us and evaluate what worked and what didn't in order to navigate our route forward. Maybe it's time to launch that project you've been sitting on for years, or you could be sorting through the depths of...
The Inimitable Polly Wales - Gem

The Inimitable Polly Wales

The first time you see a piece of jewelry by designer Polly Wales you will feel like you discovered a hidden treasure. Her creations, that consist of colorful gemstones melting into rich gold, invoke a certain longing inside… the longing to carry with you a piece of magic everyday. No matter wh...
Gem Gossip Visits Gem! - Gem

Gem Gossip Visits Gem!

We had the pleasure to host Danielle Miele from Gem Gossip last week as she did her #jewelryroadtrip to Chicago!  It was a blast to meet her and her husband (who takes many of the pics of her wearing the jewels)  Click on the link below to read the article: