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Lena Skadegard is known for her hand crafted 18k and hand-tied precious and semiprecious jewelry in exquisite palettes using untreated and organic gems and talismanic accents.

With a background in philosophy & visual arts + decade of international textile and traditional handmade craft experience, her love of color, craft and adornment infuse each collection.

An appreciation of the wild landscape and the aesthetics of diverse cultures inform Lena’s sensibility, while continued travel from the Himalayan foothills to the coasts of Scandinavia sustains her curiosity and keeps materials, textures & palettes intriguing.

Dividing time between three continents, the collections reflect & synthesize place, history, faith and landscape and always emphasize the most vital relationship of the talisman to the dreamer, the object to the adorned.
  1. Lena Skadegard Knotted Pearl Tassel Bracelet
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