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POJ Studio Hako Incense Black

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This unique set of leaf-shaped incense is the first and only washi paper incense. They are handcrafted by a family-run business with a history of over 120 years located in beautiful Awaji island, which is known as the birthplace of Japanese incense culture.

Set includes:

-Six incense

-Black paper box (packaging)

-Non-flammable mat

There are three scents you can choose from:

"Relax" is inspired by a quiet forest. Ingredients include vetiver, which helps relieve tension, Japanese cypress, and bergamot.

"Focus" revitalizes with its fresh aroma. Ingredients include lemongrass, which stimulates both mind and body, cloves, which elevate your mood, peppermint, geranium, and more. 

"Sleep" is a sweet and gentle scent to promote rest. Ingredients include lavender, which regulates the autonomic nervous system, and cedar to bring you calm.

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