Darśana 14k Ginny Necklace
Darśana 14k Ginny Necklace modeled on a woman's neck
Darśana 14k Ginny Necklace
$ 625.00

Darśana 14k Ginny Necklace

Darśana is a spiritual term meaning the essence of being beheld in love while beholding with love. Each piece of jewelry features an antique mirror set in gold, surrounded by diamonds, and an eye engraved on the reverse side. The mirror represents the reflection of the soul, imperfect yet beautiful... and the eye represents protection, acceptance & love. 

The Ginny necklace features a round mirror surrounded by a gold wire frame with five tiny white diamond accents. On the back, an engraved eye is set with a burnished diamond.

-14k yellow gold

-length: 18" with adjustable links at 16" / 17"

-.0415cts white diamonds