Carlen Parfums - Aztec Noir
Carlen Parfums - Aztec Noir
$ 110.00

Carlen Parfums - Aztec Noir

Carlen is a German woman’s name that translates to “free man.” - With reverence to this androgynous muse, Carlen Parfums seeks to dismantle bonds of gender, place, and time. The Carlen laboratory applies a haptic process to scent design, yielding a suite of poetic fragrances that echo instinct and industry, element and gestalt, discipline and disorder.

In a land of xerophytic plants and subterranean rivers, prickly pear and grey fox, elf owl and jackal, a pale grey ziggurat disrupts the horizon.

Aztec Noir is a modern interpretation of Pre-Columbian purification rituals involving the wild Palo Santo tree. Once lit, Palo Santo wood releases sinuous helices of smoke thought to cleanse space and self. Before burning, it bears a delicate aroma akin to lemongrass, resurfaced in this scent by white grapefruit. This atavistic blend of incense and citrus is grounded by an infusion of cedarwood and amber.

Notes— palo santo, white grapefruit, warm woods, cedarwood, amber
Essence— folk, crisp, atavistic, ceremonial, cleansing, smoldering

-Made in Brooklyn, NY