Carina Schott Netted Aqua Aura Necklace
$ 150.00

Carina Schott Netted Aqua Aura Necklace

This collection of necklaces were handmade by artist Carina Schott with netted crystals that were all chosen individually by her and washed in a natural body of water. They are then bathed in moonlight and charged in the sun so they are clear and powered, ready for your energy. The beauty of a netted crystal is that they can lie next to your skin. You get the full benefits of all their healing properties.

Aura crystals are bonded with precious metals to amplify the crystals properties. Aqua Aura is bonded with gold. It works with the Throat and Third Eye chakras to allow you to communicate your highest truth and speak from the heart. Aqua Aura also increases psychic skills and protects you from unwanted vibrations. It also cleanse the aura and releases any stress and helps to repair holes in your aura. 

-black indigo cord, approx 30"

-handmade in Colorado and completely one-of-a-kind