Ayurveda Apothecary Nomad Perfume Oil

From the company Yoke, based in Venice California, the Ayurveda Apothecary line is plant-derived and formulated by the company's Ayurvedic practitioners. 

Each formulation is based on ancient Ayurvedic formulations passed down for generations. 

Roll on these perfume oils to inspire joy throughout your day. Apply to pulse points, temples or behind the ear lobes when needed. The botanical blends cool overheating in the body, diffuse intensity and frustration which creates a sense of calm. 


NOMAD: For the risk taker, and the adventurer, unafraid of roaming the globe--following intuition--wherever it may lead.
Coconut and safflower oils blended with vanilla and lavender and infused with freshly harvested lavender buds.
Sent profile: sweet, powdery lavender

Lavender is a cooling and calming essential oil used to help create a sense of ease and comfort, especially useful for those on the go.


-.5 fl oz, roller ball application

-Blended by hand in America

-Made with food-grade oils and seasonal plants and herbs, blended with almond oil

-100% vegan

-Formulated seasonally with a commitment to green beauty

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