Gypset Style - Julia Chaplin

Jet Set + Gypsy = GYPSET... they are artists, surfers, designers, and bon vivant who live and work around the globe and have created the perfect life, where pleasure, travel, and livelihood all coexist in an eclectic style. From Jose Ignacio, Uruguay and Ibiza, Spain to Joshua Tree, California, GYPSET STYLE explores the unconventional, wanderlust lives of these high-low cultural nomads and the bohemian enclaves they inhabit as well as their counterculture forbears, such as the Victorian explorers, the Lost Generation, the Beatniks and the hippies. The GYPSET lifestyle is not about money, it's about a level of taste that can only be accessed from an approach to life that fuses high and low culture. Author Julia Chaplin who coined the descriptive phrase, looks back at quintessential gypsy boho moments in social history and also devotes a section of the book to modern Gypsetters including: Devandra Barnhart, Ashley Bickerton, Consuelo Castiglioni, Alan Faena, Sean Gullette and Yto Barrada, Damien Hirst and Maia Norman, Jade Jagger, Nicolas Millville, The Mignot Sisters, The Mylanovich Family, Carolyn Roumegure, Alice Temperley, and Andrea Zittel.

Chaplin draws on her own childhood memories of a nomadic lifestyle; sitting in the back of her bohemian parents' white Volkswagen van with her sister, driving from one far-flung adventure to the next, blaring the Grateful Dead and nibbling on pistachios. 


-180 pages

-150 illustrations

-Hardcover with jacket

-W 7.63 x L 10.9 x D .86" 

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