Carlen Parfums - Coco Flor
$ 42.00

Carlen Parfums - Coco Flor

Carlen is a German woman’s name that translates to “free man.” - With reverence to this androgynous muse, Carlen Parfums seeks to dismantle bonds of gender, place, and time. The Carlen laboratory applies a haptic process to scent design, yielding a suite of poetic fragrances that echo instinct and industry, element and gestalt, discipline and disorder.

She finds herself on a salt-sprayed isle in the South Pacific. Perched on a volcanic peak thrust skyward some two million years ago, she watches a procession of outriggers pass over a barrier reef, a lone dolphin in puckish pursuit. Down the mountain she scrambles, into green cathedrals of misty jungle. Cutting through the sultry air, the scent of jasmine bids her pause. She clips a bloom, pressing it between the wilting pages of Jack London’s South Sea Tales.

That evening, incense keeps the mosquitos at bay. A lantern illuminates the pages of her book. Arriving at the pressed petals of jasmine, their scent, still striking, mingles with the incense, the monoi oil on her skin, the sea mist.

Notes— coconut, white lily, jasmine, incense, patchouli, vanilla, amber
Essence— sybarite, humid, tropical, Polynesian, floral, calcine

-10ml bottle

-Made in Brooklyn, NY