Carina Schott Netted Amethyst Necklace
$ 85.00

Carina Schott Netted Amethyst Necklace

This collection of necklaces were handmade by artist Carina Schott with netted crystals that were all chosen individually by her and washed in a natural body of water. They are then bathed in moonlight and charged in the sun so they are clear and powered, ready for your energy.

Amethyst is the most powerful healer and protector. Helping you to stay less scattered and more in control of your mind. It also helps to relieve stress. It soothes the nervous system, helps to focus realistic goals, and boost memory. Great for meditation - it helps to visualize new goals and ideas.

-black indigo cord, approx 30"

-handmade in Colorado and completely one-of-a-kind