Ayurveda Apothecary Turmeric Rose Bath + Body Oil
$ 64.00

Ayurveda Apothecary Turmeric Rose Bath + Body Oil

From the company Yoke, based in Venice California, the Ayurveda Apothecary line is plant-derived and formulated by the company's Ayurvedic practitioners. 

This healing adaptogen bath and body oil is all natural, hand blended featuring turmeric and rose. Adaptogens are potent plants and herbs that support our ability to adapt to environmental stressors, and help to restore mind and body equilibrium. These herbs work subtly with the intelligence that lives within the body to smooth out emotional, physical, and energetic wrinkles.

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant used in Ayurveda to purify the blood, fight inflammation, and support a healthy immune system. Turmeric root is blended with tulsi (holy basil), a sacred healing adaptogen, to create a rich anti-inflammatory and antioxidant oil for everyday use. This remedy is designed for skin prone to break outs or sensitive to sun exposure.

Usage: Rub mindfully on the body using deep, circular motions until the oil is absorbed. Best to use first thing in the morning after meditation, or relaxation ritual of choice. Use the time of application to reflect on complete wellbeing. Warm oil if desired. Also can be poured into a bath.

Safflower oil mixed with turmeric herbal extract and freshly harvested rose buds.
Top note: Neroli
Base note: Rose


-1.7 fl oz

-Blended by hand in America

-Made with food-grade oils and seasonal plants and herbs, blended with almond oil-100% vegan

-Formulated seasonally with a commitment to green beauty

-Allergen information: Please be aware all products are either formulated with nuts or created in an environment that has nuts.