Carlen Parfums - Men of Blame
Carlen Parfums - Men of Blame
$ 110.00

Carlen Parfums - Men of Blame

Carlen is a German woman’s name that translates to “free man.” - With reverence to this androgynous muse, Carlen Parfums seeks to dismantle bonds of gender, place, and time. The Carlen laboratory applies a haptic process to scent design, yielding a suite of poetic fragrances that echo instinct and industry, element and gestalt, discipline and disorder.

A fragrance that walks like Brando and talks like Olivier. A midnight cowboy roaring down an empty turnpike in a 1968 Dodge Charger, Serge Gainsbourg on the stereo. A leather-clad hustler with a heart of black velvet. Beneath its vulpine mask of black resin, oud, incense, black cumin, patchouli, and black pepper, Men of Blame reveals softer notes of vanilla and orange blossom. Territorial but tender. Inscrutable but intoxicating.

It’s hard to be a saint in the city.

Notes— black resin, oud, incense, patchouli, black cumin, orange blossom
Essence— fast, vulpine, black velvet, territorial, electric

-Made in Brooklyn, NY