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Maura Green

Maura Green Three of Swords Tarot Charm

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From Maura Green's The Art of Tarot and Sacred Symbols collection - this tablet was hand carved from abalone and mother of pearl to depict the Three of Swords tarot card. It was then set in a sterling silver basket with an evil eye for protection which makes the pendant completely reversible. 

Symbolism of Three of Swords:

"In Tarot, The Three of Swords represents a heartbreak or emotional sorrow.

This piece was created as a reminder of all we have and all we can overcome following a period of rest and healing. We may carry the pain of our past traumas with us, but ultimately on the other side of that pain is growth. This tablet represents healing, growth, and finding our strength through adversity." - Written by Maura Green

-measures 1.25" x .75"

-chain sold separately 

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